A man can do no more than he can

لا یكلف الله نفسا الا وسعھا

A man can
’t serve two masters

لیس بمقدور العبد ان یخدم سیدین في وقت واحد

A man cannot die but once
یموت الانسان مرة واحدة

A man every inch of him

كلھ رجولة
A man is as old as he feels and a woman as old as she looks

یعرف عمر الرجل بقدر ما یحس و عمر المراة بقدر ما تبدو
A man is known by the books he reads

كتاب المرء عنوان عقلھ
A man is known by the company he keeps
عن المرء لا تسل و سل عن قرینھ
A man is the architect of his own future

بقدر الكد تكسب المعالي
A man of silence is a man of sense

العاقل من حفظ لسانھ

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop

لن یفلح العبوس

A man without reason is a beast in season

رجل بلا عقل حیوان بحق
A man without religion is like a horse without a bridle

رجل بلا دین حصان بلا لجام
A still tongue makes a wise head

اللسان الصامت یصنع الرجال